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Chenyu Wu
PhD Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Research Interests

My research interests focus on computer vision and graphics based medical applications, especially on computer assisted minimally invasive surgury. I am advised by Branislav Jaramaz and working with his team in ICAOS.

In my first two years we have explored a new methodology for 3D surface registration which is furthermore used to constructing anatomical atlases for bony structures such as femur and pelvis. 3D image registration has been an active topic for many years and still challenge due to the computational and geometrical complexity. Therefore non-rigid transformations and multi-level frameworks are considered in our approach. After that some properties of femur/pelvis atlas related to clinical applications have been studied.

After I've played with some small projects related to MRI image segmentation, I get attracted to the endoscope, a powerful vehicle of minimally invasive surgury. From then on, we've done several research about endoscopes. We've studied both the geometrical and photometric calibration of endoscopes. A new method is proposed to calibrate the oblique endoscope, which has been tested in the cadaver experiment twice. Currently we are working on the 3D reconstruction from endoscopic images.

Another project I am interested in is gait tracking from cadaver experiment data. In this project we are trying to track the small translation, rotation and bends between the knee joints.

Additional Interests

I like drawing, painting and singing. I was a mezzo-soprano in my college's chorus. I am a big fan of comic and anime as well. From last year I became a fan of Steelers and Pirates. Of course I am always a fan of robots.

Research Interest Keywords
computer graphicscomputer visionmedical imaging