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Todd Jochem
Systems Scientist, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Research Interests

The Goal: My goal is to develop deployable systems which allow cars, trucks, and busses to autonomously operate on public highways. To accomplish this, many individual components must smoothly work together.

The Demo: We recently showcased our efforts in this area at the National Automated Highway System Consortium Demonstration in San Diego, CA. During the demo, 3 passenger vehicles and 2 transit busses (Navlabs 6-10) we outfitted with our driving system demonstrated that vehicle based technology was a viable solution for improving our nation's highway system. The system we developed demonstrated lane keeping, lane departure warning, lane changing, headway maintenance, obstacle detection and avoidance, and vehicle to vehicle communications functions.

The Research: For this system, my research involved integrating obstacle and road position information for robust headway maintenance and obstacle detection. The subsystem that was developed provided coverage around all sides of the vehicle and used 6 sensors - a forward radar, 4 side looking radar, and rear laser scanner. Using this subsystem, our cars and busses were able to maintain a safe headway, detect upcoming obstacles and either swerve around them or stop, and sense approaching cars from the rear and change lanes to move out of the way.

The Application: Now we need to move this technology from the test track to vehicles for the average consumer. On this front I'm very interested in operational tests using components of the driving technology like lane departure warning and headway maintenance. It is my goal to have parts of our technology on consumer vehicles by the year 2000.

The Future: In the very long term, I'm interested in using vision based focus of attention techniques to allow autonomous vehicle to execute city driving tasks like intersection navigation.

Research Interest Keywords
active perceptioncomputer visionmobile robotsobstacle avoidancesensor fusion