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Amir Degani
Postdoctoral Fellow, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Affiliated Center(s):
 Center for the Foundations of Robotics (CFR)
Personal Homepage
Research Interests

My main interests are: Dynamic locomotion, Kinematics, and Mechanical design.

I am interested in finding ways to use dynamic movements in climbing robots. Similar to a monkey climbing up a tree, robots can also use dynamic movements to climb. These dynamic movements can either enable the robot to overcome obstacles or can minimize the number of necessary actuators. I am also interested in the medical field, designing medical systems.

Currently I am involved in two projects: Dynamic Climbing: Design and control of a single actuator dynamic climbing robot Design of a miniature cardiac snake: we are designing a small diameter mechanism that can be used in medical applications. Cardiac applications include LAA ligation or ablation.

Older projects: Singularity analysis of parallel manipulators using Maxwell-Cremona Theorem. Kinematic knee modeling: developing a new system that will enable us to come up with a fast and minimally invasive way to predict the mechanical properties of the human knee. We will later determine a "patient specific" kinematic model and will try to accurately simulate the motion of the knee.

Research Interest Keywords
bioengineeringmechanismsmechatronicsmedical roboticsmotion planningsnake robots