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Pradeep Khosla
Adjunct Faculty, RI/MechE
Office: SH 110
Phone: (412) 268-5090
Fax: 412-268-6421
  Mailing address:
Carnegie Mellon University
Mechanical Engineering
Scaife Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Affiliated Center(s):
 Center for the Foundations of Robotics (CFR)
Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of sensor-based manipulator control, real-time architectures for control, design for assembly, methodologies for manipulator design, and applications of robotics in assembly and manufacturing. The goal of my research is twofold: to develop the basis for incorporating multiple sensing modalities in the dynamic loop of a manipulator, and to apply such a system in automatic assembly and manufacturing applications. My research thus involves both theory and experimental implementation in a laboratory.

CMU Direct-Drive Arm II Testbed: My research on sensor-based control revolves around this project. Strategies for using position, velocity, force/torque, vision, proximity, and tactile sensors for both controlling a manipulator and for interacting intelligently with the environment are being addressed in this work. One project addresses the use of joint position, velocity and end-effector force/torque sensing for obstacle avoidance and force control. In another project techniques are being developed for using tactile data for dynamic object exploration. The use of a camera as a sensor in the dynamic feedback loop is being studied in a project on dynamic visual servoing. The goal here is to bridge the gap between traditional vision research and control theory. The CMU Direct-Drive Arm II testbed is equipped with the above mentioned sensors and one of the projects aims at developing a real-time kernel, called CHIMERA, and a hierarchical controller structure for incorporating these multiple sensors, in the control loop, in an unified manner.

CMU Reconfigurable Modular Manipulator System (RMMS): My research on methodologies for manipulator design revolve around the RMMS. In this project, the goal is to address theoretical issues in mapping kinematic and dynamic task requirements into kinematic and dynamic configurations of a manipulator that is configured from a set of modular joints and links. Projects that address the automatic generation of kinematic and dynamic equations, reconfigurable controllers, dynamic control of redundant manipulators are being pursued in this context.

Reconfigurable Control Software and Programming Interface: In this project, we are interested in developing techniques for reconfiguring control software in real-time. We are also developing an icon based programming interface for rapid development of applications.

Rapid Assembly System: In this project our goal is to develop an integrated design-manufacturing environment. We are developing reasoning, planning, and representational methodologies for the assembly and the facility. Our initial work has shown that it is possible to accept a 3-D solid modeler description of an assembly as input, and automatically generate and execute real-time code to create the physical assembly.

Combined Mobility and Manipulation: In this research, we are interested in developing algorithms to utilize the redundancy provided by combining mobile platforms with manipulators. We are also developing techniques for multiple task execution.