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Martin C. Martin
PhD Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Research Interests

I believe perception and interaction in real world environments are key stepping stones to true artificial intelligence. Real world environments cultivate strong adaptive abilities and often require complex behaviours, including the kinds we call intelligence. To this end, I build physically embodied computer vision systems and embed them in autonomous mobile robots.

I'm interested in frameworks and techniques that can scale to the generality, subtlety, robustness and complexity of the human brain and beyond. This means I face traditionally difficult issues head on. Human visual perception relies heavily on the integration of different depth cues, on task specific and semantic knowledge, the fusion of perceptions over time, and the like. I want to explore frameworks that embody these for small but relevant problems, and show promise of scaling to large-scale systems.

Additional Interests

My interest in Robotic Art lead to being a founding member of The Centre for Metahuman Exploration (, and my interest in interactive entertainment to head the 3D virtual nightclub Esc Online (

Research Interest Keywords
artificial intelligencecomputer visiongenetic algorithmsmobile robotsobstacle avoidance