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Omead Amidi
Adjunct Faculty, RI
No longer a member of RI.
Affiliated Center(s):
 Vision and Autonomous Systems Center (VASC)
Personal Homepage
Research Interests

My goal is to build vision-guided autonomous flying robots. Vision allows such robots to serve as intelligent eyes-in-the-sky suitable for numerous applications including law enforcement, search and rescue, aerial mapping and inspection, and movie making. Vision for flight control encompasses a broad range of research areas. In particular, I am interested in vision-based object detection and tracking, optical position estimation, inertial navigation, GPS, and non-linear system modeling. I am the co-founder (with Takeo Kanade) of the Autonomous Helicopter Laboratory where we have developed a number of autonomous helicopters for our ongoing research in such areas. We have developed two six degree-of-freedom testbeds for indoor helicopter control experiments. In addition, we have built two fully autonomous helicopters for outdoor vision-guided flight research. These prototypes are mid-sized (14 ft. long) crop dusters outfitted with custom-designed vision systems and an array of sensors including accelerometers, angular sensors, and GPS receivers. Each can fly autonomously using an on-board visual odometer which estimates motion by locking-on to and visually tracking ground objects. In addition, we have integrated inertial and angular sensors and a GPS receiver with vision for high quality position estimation allowing autonomous landing, takeoff, and smooth trajectory following. Currently, we are developing a number of new flight systems. In particular, we are developing real-time object trackers for high speed aerial pursuit, compact laser scanners for obstacle detection and 3D mapping, and versatile control systems for transitioning to high-speed flight maneuvers.

Research Interest Keywords
biological vision