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Curt Bererton
PhD Student, RI
Alumnus of RI.
Personal Homepage
Research Interests

The broad topic that enfolds my research could be called repairable or reconfigurable robots. I am interested in robots that can repair themselves, reconfigure themselves, repair a teammate, reconfigure a teammate or build other identical robots. Any technology that would be required for these capabilities is of interest to me.

In my earlier work I looked at building some simple robots that could perform a limited form of repair. The design was intentionally kept very simple. The idea here was to demonstrate that repair is not a difficult thing to achieve and to gain some insight on what design features make for a good repairable robot.

I am currently working on determining the expected gain in utility of having a team of repairable robots versus having a team of non-repairable robots. This theoretical analysis with several unrealisitic assumptions is simply to determine an upper bound on how much more work you can expect a team of repairable robots to do versus a team of non-repairable robots made with the same components. This work is not yet published as it is still in progress.

Additional Interests

Please refer to my personal web page.

Research Interest Keywords
game theorymachine learningmulti-agent systemsplanning and scheduling