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Student Services

    This page provides quick access to many of the University-level services that are important to Robotics Institute students. For more information on Student Services, please click here.

  • Enrollment Services - Registration, course information, exam schedules, transcripts, and other activities related to courses and enrollment.
  • Student Affairs - Support and foster your intellectual and personal growth and help you explore and experience the different aspects of college life.
  • Student Health - Offers the same range of services provided by any doctor's office.
  • Immunization - Provides adequate protection of the campus community against vaccine-preventable diseases by requiring students to be vaccinated against and/or screened for certain highly contagious diseases.
  • Insurance - Provides access to quality health care and achieves a balance between premium cost and adequate coverage without overburdening students' financial resources.

    Note: Robotics graduate students are responsible for covering the cost of their own health insurance. Each academic year, the department reviews the cost of health insurance and increases the student stipend accordingly.
  • CMU international education - Promotes and facilitates study abroad and acts as a liaison to the university for foreign students, researchers, and professors.
  • University Center - Dining, fitness, recreation, campus stores, post office, student mailboxes and more . . .