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Carnegie Mellon University - A Pittsburgh Institution for over 100 Years

Carnegie Mellon is a national research university of about 7,500 students and 3,000 faculty, research and administrative staff. The institution was founded in 1900 in Pittsburgh by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who wrote the time-honored words, "My heart is in the work," when he donated the funds to create Carnegie Technical Schools. Carnegie's vision was to open a vocational training school for the sons and daughters of working-class Pittsburghers.

When the school was renamed Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1912, it took another important step in its transition into one of the nation's leading private research universities. In 1967, Carnegie Tech merged with the Mellon Institute to form Carnegie Mellon University.

The university today consists of seven colleges and schools:

  • The Carnegie Institute of Technology (engineering) is actively engaged in projects that not only impact the Pittsburgh region but also relate to global challenges--everything from brownfields restoration to seismic earthquake activity to magnetic storage media.
  • The College of Fine Arts includes the Department of Drama, one of the nation's first and foremost drama departments, and the Department of Architecture, ranked as one of the best in the country.
  • The College of Humanities and Social Sciences emphasizes interdisciplinary activity and a strong liberal-professional approach to education throughout its undergraduate and graduate curricula.
  • The Mellon College of Science is highly interdisciplinary; its researchers are actively taking part in the expansive network of scientific activity in Pittsburgh's biomedical, technological, and industrial research community.
  • The Graduate School of Industrial Administration has distinguished itself by developing the scientific principles that underlie business management. It has quickly grown into one of the world's premier centers for teaching and research in business management.
  • The H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management has emerged as one of the nation's leading public policy research institutions where faculty and students conduct rigorous, interdisciplinary research in areas ranging from crime and violence, health care policy and economic development, to poverty and social welfare, environmental policy and organizational management.
  • The School of Computer Science is ranked first in the nation and is recognized internationally as being in the forefront of research in computing, artificial intelligence, machine translation, human-computer interaction, and robotics.

The Robotics Institute is housed within the School of Computer Science, and draws on the expertise of many of the other units: the Human Computer Interaction Institute, Language Technologies Institute, Center for Automated Learning and Discovery, and the Computer Science Department. We also collaborate actively across the campus; we have joint projects with Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, the Business School, and Fine Arts.

Carnegie Mellon's position of leadership in the arts and in technology is unusual in higher education today. The institution's prominence in the arts dates back to 1917 when it awarded the first undergraduate degree in drama. And it has become a national leader in technological fields such as computer science, robotics and engineering.

The university is a diverse blend of academic disciplines, including nationally recognized programs in cognitive psychology, management and public policy, writing and rhetoric, applied history, philosophy and biological sciences.

The 90-acre Carnegie Mellon campus is ideally located ten minutes east of the downtown business district in Oakland, the cultural and educational center of the city. There are four institutions of higher education besides Carnegie Mellon in this section of the city alone, providing broad educational opportunities. Adjacent to campus is 500 acre Schenley Park, complete with a golf course, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, an outdoor skating rink, and numerous jogging and cross-country skiing trails.