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Additional Major in Robotics

The robotics industry is poised for sustainable and continual growth and therefore undergraduate students deeply educated in the field stand to benefit from a broad background in robotics. Whether the goal is to obtain employment or continue with further education, a robotics major prepares a student for a broad range of post-graduate experiences.

Following our long-standing tradition in robotics - we have the largest robotics research effort in the world; we have created the first PhD and MS degrees in Robotics; and we created the first undergraduate certification, the undergraduate minor, in Robotics - Carnegie Mellon now offers an undergraduate major in Robotics. This major is an additional major, meaning that students obtain a conventional degree in conjunction with the robotics major. These students can come from any department on campus.

The robotics major's central intellectual theme is that robotics is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. This means that it draws from many fields, such as mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering, and it also integrates these fields in a novel manner. The base of this program lies in motion and control. Upon this base, sensing, cognition, and action are layered. These foci are brought together by a unique systems perspective special to robotics. Finally, robotics involves building artifacts that embody these fundamentals, foci, and systems thinking, and as such there is a "hands-on" requirement as well.

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  • For more information, please contact Barbara Fecich (, 412-268-9956.